Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hot town, summer in the city...

Last month was recital time for Barfield School of Dance! The week of, went to Blair School of Music for rehearsal all day Monday, and I ended up taking four girls around Green Hills in between rehearsals. We spotted a Chinese restaurant and pulled in since we were all very hungry and had missed lunch. It was really good, and the girls got full. I took some of my food home, and Gia was holding my leftover box when she discovered that her pants were wet. The sauce from my teriyaki chicken had leaked out and had made a puddle in Gia’s seat! It was really gross, but it was very funny! Once we were able to stop we rummaged through the trunk and found some old shorts for her to change into. Thank goodness I don’t keep an immaculate car—she wouldn’t have found anything to wear!

We got lost looking for Whole Foods, and then I had to drag the girls away from the samples set up throughout the store, though they didn’t mind getting away from the three-milk cheese that made most of them gag! lol Then we went to the mall where the girls made a bee-line for Godiva, got their treats, and then wandered around for a little while before time to head back for more rehearsing. The girls were lots of fun, and I had a great time with them. After the final rehearsal I ended up with three of the four coming back for the night, so we ordered pizza and played Uno for a little while before calling it a night. The next day they girls watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and just hung out until time to go back to dance for their regular class.

Recital days are generally very busy and crazy, but this year Gia’s class only danced in two shows instead of three or four, so I was grateful not to have to camp out at Vanderbilt for the weekend. She didn’t leave anything at home this year (yay!), and she actually let me help her with her hair and make-up. Now, the bun she needed was a new style her teacher showed her that she hadn’t gotten down-pat yet, but I enjoyed helping her all the same, although I did mess it up once and couldn’t figure out what went wrong until I watched another girl do hers. Saggy-bun-disaster was averted! And then when she had everything she needed Gia said, “Thanks, Mommy, I’ll see you later.” I asked, “Is that my cue to leave?” Of course ;)

Lots of people came to support Gia at her recitals, and that made her very happy. She loves having friends and family come to watch her, and she looked as beautiful as always up there on the stage. Her class did a fantastic job in all of their dances. Those of you there on Saturday night missed all the tiny tots Sunday afternoon. They were so cute in their little fluffy costumes, and it reminded me of Gia’s very first dance recital where her first time on stage for the jazz song sent her into a meltdown. She couldn’t see the audience because the stage lights were so bright, and I had to leave from backstage, so she stood on stage with her arms reaching out like Helen Keller, bawling her eyes out until I could go back around and get her. That was the most heartbreaking yet funny to look back on things I have even witnessed. She certainly has come a long way, though, eh? Even after that first enormous bout of stage fright, she was ready to rock ‘n’ roll through her dance gymnastics routine, and I’ve never seen her more than just a little nervous since.

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