Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox?

Nope. She's all grown up, and now it's shingles! LOL That was one of Gia's favorite books when she was little. I thought it was an appropriate title to borrow ;)

I had deleted everything on the page in an attempt to revamp it and do some more to it, but my efforts got thwarted when I started feeling bad and put the computer down for a few days. Lo and behold... (da da DUM) shingles. Yay. It started out as a tenderness on my skin, which I attributed to clothing irritation, and then it moved in a path around to where there was not as much clothing friction, and I thought, "Oh, it's just stress." (In the past few months I have moved (barely avoiding a title nightmare), finished my Master's program, given up a dog, run around like a mad person, and then just last week I have given the TCAP, taken a field trip, dealt with student suspensions, had parent meetings--some scheduled, some not-- let's see. Is there anything else we can pile on the list? I'm sure, but I digress.) It turns out that I was partly right!

Anyway, Saturday the rash appeared. It feels like sunburn or razor burn but worse, and any kind of friction on the sensitive/rashy skin sends me howling and jerking around like I'm Jekyl turning into Hyde or something. But that's probably due to it's unfortunate location where my thigh meets my hip since it's really not that big (my rash, not my thighs and hips--I'm not delirious ;p). I called Nurse Kelly who told me to be sure to go to the doctor because she thought it sounded like shingles, which she had about 10 years ago. Bingo. She was right! Dr. Wade (whom I adore) hooked me up with some meds, and hopefully this whole thing will be going back into hiding soon. I'm not a fan of meds, and these make me tired, but hopefully they'll help keep things from getting worse.

Thank you for all the well wishes! I'll make my page pretty again soon :)

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